Remix one



Before finishing the module on Playful Interactive Material you will get to draw inspiration from and build upon the experience of others through remixing.

This is the last unit of the module before it is all summed up in the Recap One unit. You have now gained a lot of knowledge about interactivity and interactive materials in the See One unit, you have learned about the pedagogy and practicalities behind interactive content, created your own interactive materials, and even tried it out in your own practice in the Do One unit. And before getting the to Remix One you have gained insight into the format of teacher blog posts and tried to write up all of that knowledge and experience in your own Teach One blog post. Now it is the time to get a chance to read other participants Teach One blog posts to gain some insight into their knowledge and experience.



This unit is rather short compared to the previous units. It consists of the following elements:

  • Get a short introduction to the core elements involved in remixing.
  • Get deeper insight into the theory and method of remixing in the form of the video-series "Everything is a Remix".
  • Reflect on remix as a potential approach to creativity and innovation in teaching.
  • Get a description of the remix activity you will do based on other participants Teach One blog posts and¬†hands-on experience with remix as a way to move your practice with digital media in education forward.
  • Make comments on others and your own Teach One blog post - in effect, remixing it.
  • Take your ideas and reflections to the PLD Community group and start up conversations with other DigiMedia practitioners and thinkers