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In this unit, you will get a theoretical overview of educational assessment and how it can be used online in a playful mode. You will be introduced to online assessment tools and how to use it in the teaching and learning process. With this information, in Do one unit, you will be able to use an online assessment tool during your teaching activity.




What - What is a playful online educational assessment?

Why - Benefits for using online assessment.

How - How to implement playful online educational assessment in the teaching and learning processes?

Recap - Summarizing and reflecting

Before you dive into the unit...

Reflection is a great way to enhance your learning, so before you move on with the topic try to reflect on the following questions:

    • What is educational assessment and why is it considered a key element in the teaching and learning processes?
    • Which methods can be used to implement¬†the educational assessment?
    • What are the assessment criteria and why is it important to establish them?

Reflect on these questions in your own learning journal.

What kind of content to expect in this See One unit

Below you will find a summary of the content.