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In this unit you will get the theoretical overview about playful simulations and how they can be used in learning. More specifically:

  • Definitions of different types of simulations
  • Theoretical foundations of simulations as pedagogy
  • Impacts of simulations on learners of all ages
  • Implications for integrating simulations into the educational process
  • Designing playful simulations


What - What is a playful simulation and what are the existing kinds of simulations?

Why - Benefits of using playful simulations in teaching and learning.

How - Ways in which a simulation can be playful and how can it be used in the educational process.

Outro - Summarizing and reflecting.

Before you dive into the unit...

Reflection is a great way to enhance your learning, so, before you move on with the topic try to reflect on the following questions:

  • What makes a simulation playful?
  • How can I integrate playful simulations into my teaching?
  • Can I think of any existing playful simulations to retrieve useful content?

What to expect

Take a quick look at the theory included in the next units.