Do One

DO ONE: Intro

In 'Do one' unit you will learn about the process of creating playful interactive material from wide variety of different interactive content types available and you will also learn how to work with your study materials in order to create playful interactive material or its smaller components know as interactive content.

In this unit you will get practical and gain experience by creating interactive content. You will use your knowledge and information acquired from 'See one' unit and will be putting together interactive content, eg interactive presentation or some other type of interactive exercise.

For all this you will learn how to use free online content creation tools to create interactive content. In this unit we will focus on two online interactive content creation tools - H5P and LearningApps. After going through this unit you will also know how to add interactive elements into your website by embedding which is essential for adding interactive content to your digital materials.


'Do one' unit consist of five topics and it begins with INTRO as introduction. The following three are described in the accordion below and the final will be left as rounding up - the OUTRO. Different parts can be looked as part of ADDIE model where Analysis is happening in Tools and Technologies, Design in Preparations & Scripting and finally Development, Implementation and Evaluation in Activities & Experience.

Go ahead and read more about what will be introduced in the upcoming three topics. This interactive activity is made with H5P accordion content type.


Reflection is a great way to support your learning process so before you head on with the unit try to reflect on following questions by adding them to your learning journal:

  • How would you use interactive content in a playful manner?
  • What makes interactive material playful?
  • Have you used interactive content before in your teaching and how did the learners like it?
  • What have you learned from the 'See one' unit and how would you implement it in creating interactive content?