Introduction to the pedagogical model


In this section we will introduce the pedagogical model underpinning all the modules you find on the Play&Learn DigiMedia platform. All the modules share the same structure, that takes you through a process of gaining knowledge, trying that knowledge out in actual practice, communicating what you learned from doing so and drawing inspiration from other participants practice and experience.



Each module of the course consists of a collection of activities. Throughout the course each activity is recognisable by an icon and the order of activities always follows the same progression:


See one (the eye), is where you will get knowledge and concepts to think about the overall theme and how it might contribute to learning in a digital setting. This unit will provide the theoretical overview and knowledge needed for doing your own digital educational activities related to the theme.



Do one (the hammer), is where you will learn about the process of creating digital educational content from wide variety of different content types available. In this unit you will get practical and gain experience by creating educational content yourself. You will use the knowledge and information you got from 'See one' unit to put together content thematically aligned to the module you are working on. Also, you will learn about a variety of different digital tools useful in education.


Teach one (the blackboard), is where you combine the knowledge from the'See one' unit and 'Do one' unit, with the experience gained from carrying out a playful online activity in an educational context. In the Teach One unit you will combine all the knowledge and experience around the theme of the module by creating a Teach One blogpost where you share your experience, thoughts and insights to inspire others.



Remix one (the funnel), is where you will get to draw inspiration from and build upon the experience of others through remixing. This is the last unit of the module before it is all summed up in the Recap One unit. You have now gained a lot of knowledge, both theoretical and practical about carrying out the playful educational activities. Now it is the time to get a chance to read other participants Teach One blogposts to gain some insight into their knowledge and experience.


Recap one (the box), is where you sum it all up. This is where you look back on the module and it's activities and try to condense it into a short but rich piece that embraces the module as a whole.