Do One



In the DO ONE unit of this module, you will get an overview of different video-conferencing tools, the pedagogical practicalities behind carrying out online dialogues in teaching and learning situations as well as learning how to plan, set-up and carry out your own online dialogue through using video-conferencing.  This unit will provide the more practical insights needed for carrying out your own playful online dialogue before capturing these insights and passing them on to others in the TEACH ONE unit.

The theoretical overview and knowledge gained in the See One unit, combined with more practical knowledge of the Do One unit and the actual experience and hands-on knowledge from carrying out an online dialogue in your own practice should prepare you for describing your experience as a teacher carrying out online dialogues in the Teach One unit.



The Do One unit in broad strokes

Tools & Technologies - What is some central tools and technologies for (playful) online dialogue - and what are some similarities and differences between them?

Preparation & Scripting - What are some possibilities and the practicalities of setting up an online dialogue - and how do you prepare, plan and carry it out?

Assignment & Activities - How do you create an online dialogue with pedagogical aim and intent as well as a well-prepared script - and what are the different elements you need to have decided and described before carrying out an online dialogue?

Recap - Summarising and reflecting on core points of the unit


Before you dive into this unit

Take a couple of minutes to reflect in your Reflection journal

  • What do you know about how to use video-conferencing at this moment in time?
  • What do you hope to gain from this unit about how to plan, prepare and carry out online dialogues through the use of video-conferencing tools?
  • Brainstorm, doodle or jot down notes on your thoughts on a successful use of video-conferencing in a learning og teaching context.