Play&Learn DigiMedia


This online course will provide you as a teacher with new tools and concrete support for using digital media more frequently and extensively in your own teaching practices and consequently improve the learning outcomes of your students.

The aim of the training course is to offer you positive experiences of using digital media in your own teaching practices and to provide you with experiences of learning digital media in a playful and joyful way.


There is a wide range of different tools, programs, technologies and information sources available, which makes it difficult for the teachers to know how to start using digital media. New technologies and associated pedagogies require different skills of the teacher compared to teaching in a more conventional way.

The aim is to provide you with hands-on tools for designing your own instructional activities based on contemporary pedagogical principles for using different digital media.

We want to encourage you to experiment freely, to test different tools and technologies without being afraid of making mistakes. Consider this course as a learning journey!

We wish you many playful experiences with digital media!