Do One

DO ONE: Intro

In this unit, you will learn how to use tools to implement online assessment and learn the process of creating online assessment activities.


In Do one unit you will get practical experience with creating an online assessment. You will use your acquired knowledge and information you gathered from See one unit and incorporate this into your freely chosen type of interactive content. In this unit, we will be focusing on free online assessment tools offered online – Google form, Kahoot, H5P and others.


Overview of what holds ahead

'Do one' unit consist of five sections and at the moment you are in the first one - INTRO as introduction. The following three are described in the list and the final will be left as rounding up - the OUTRO.

Go ahead and read more what will be introduced in the upcoming sections.

Before you dive into this unit...

Reflection is a great way to enhance your learning so before you head on with the topic try to reflect on these following questions by adding them to your learning journal:

  • What are your expectations for online assessment?
  • Do you use online assessment tools in your teaching practice? If yes, which tools did you already use? Describe your experience.
  • What were the benefits and barriers of using online assessment tools in your own teaching?
  • Which barriers do you foresee in using online assessment tools in your teaching practice?
  • How would you use online assessment in a playful manner?
  • What have you learned from the last topic (See one) and bring into this one?