Welcome to the PLD-community


The PlayLearnDigiMedia community (or the PLD-community) is an aggregation of online spaces where participants and other stakeholders can get together and discuss activities concerning the course, get help if they experience difficulties, and post inspiring content regarding a playful approach to the use of digital media in education.

The PLD-community is build around certain qualities, that can be identified as traits common for online social formations regarded as communities.

Shared space

Initially, we are going to establish a common shared space. Our space is to be regarded as an ecology consisting of three different digital services or platforms, that are intertwined in each other.

The first of these spaces is the course platform, this is where you are reading right now. Here you can find all content needed to participate in the course and this is also here where you publish the content you produces during the course.

The second space is our Facebook group. This is where you can go and meet other participants of the course, and share and discuss content and thoughts related to the course or just generally to a playful approach to the use of digital media in education. The third place is the hashtag #playlearndigimedia on Twitter. Twitter can potentially have a very large reach (ie. being exposed to a large audience), which can be useful if you want to create awareness around your projects or if you would like to connect with other educators outside the community.

Shared practice and resources

This shared space is going to be frequented by educators from around the world, who all are interested in learning more about playful use of digital media in education. To cater a nice experience for these participants and to create a feeling of comfort, we will strive to establish a shared practice, which means that participants in the course go about certain things the same way.

  • We would like you to introduce yourself in the Facebook group when you join the course.
  • We would like you to share the content that you produce in the course in the Facebook group and preferably also on Twitter using our shared hashtag.
  • We would also like you to spend a little time each day in our shared space to read and comment on select post from your fellow course participants.
  • We would like you to share any course related content that you may find scurrying about on the Internet in the Facebook group, on Twitter by using the shared hashtag or both.


If you experience difficulties with the course either technical og pedagogical you should also turn to the community. If you create a post in the shared Facebook group, describing your problem, it is very likely that another participant has viable input or can point you in the direction of a workable solution.