See One


Introduction to using online dialogues in a playful manner


In the see one unit of this course, you will get knowledge and concepts to think about online dialogues and how it might contribute to learning in a digital setting. This unit will provide the theory needed for doing your own online dialogue.


The theoretical overview and knowledge gained in the See One unit will then be combined with more practical knowledge of the Do One unit which should prepare you for getting some hands-on experience and having a successful - playful - online dialogue with your students before describing the experience in the Teach One unit.  




The See One unit in broad strokes

What - What is a (playful) online dialogue - a theoretical overview

Why - Benefits of using online dialogues in teaching and learning -what are some potentials and points to pay attention to?

How - The pedagogy behind online dialogues - dialogical teaching theory and practice.

Recap - Summarising and reflecting on core points of the unit

Before you dive in to this unit

Take a couple of minutes to reflect in your Reflection journal

  • What do you know about online dialogues at this moment in time?
  • What do you hope to gain from this module about online dialogue?
  • Brainstorm, doodle or jot down notes on your thoughts on a successful online dialogue with your pupils.

Have a look at some of the content awaiting you in this unit