Recap one


You have reached the final unit of playful interactive material. Congratulations!  In 'Recap' unit you will conclude your studies and experience gained and will

  • get the summary and conclusion of  'Playful interactive materials' module and;
  • analyse how you have achieved of this module learning outcomes.

Summary of the module topics and learning outcomes

In playful interactive material module you

  • learned the principles of interactivity and interactive learning content;
  • learned which tools you can use to create playful interactive learning content;
  • created some units of your own interactive content.

After finishing playful interactive materials module you will:

  • know what is interactivity and how it contributes to learning;
  • know the types of interactive content and how to create interactive learning materials;
  • be able to use tools for creating interactive content and create interactive presentations or exercises;
  • be able to analyze existing interactive learning content and reuse it in your own context.

Evaluation of achieving module learning outcomes

Introduction to the 'Playful video playground' module

In the next module you will learn about different ways of using video in your teaching. You will learn how to produce your own video material and how to use existing video material for different pedagogical purposes. You will also be able to inspire your students to co-produce videos.  When you have finished this module you will have a video playground of your own.