In Remix One you

  • Got a short introduction to the core elements involved in remixing.
  • Got deeper insight into the theory and method of remixing in the form of the video-series "Everything is a Remix".
  • Reflected on remix as a potential approach to creativity and innovation in teaching.
  • Got a description of the remix activity and tried it out by making comments on others and your own Teach One blog post - in effect, remixing it.
  • (Perhaps even) took your ideas and reflections to the PLD Community group and started up conversations with other DigiMedia practitioners and thinkers


Reflection journal

Reflect on reading the other participants Teach One blog posts through the lens of remixing.

  • Did remixing help you start thinking, get inspired or wanting to adopt, 'steal' or put new elements into the mix  in relation to your own teaching practice?
  • Reflecting on the other participants Teach One blog posts, what do you think would work in your own practice? What wouldn't work?
  • Is there something in the other participants Teach One blog posts that you most definitely would not do? Or are there important lessons to be gained from them about what could go wrong or what you should avoid doing when trying out Playful Interactive Materials?
  • If you should continue experimenting and working with Playful Interactive Material in your own teaching practice what would be the next thing you would try out?
  • Would you like to talk to or work together with other participants from the PLD Community? Or are there other ways they might help you here or that you would like to connect?


Introduction to Recap One

In the very last unit of the module you will get a short Recap of the whole Playful Interactive Material module.