1. There are many resources available to parents and educators looking to help children understand the math tutor online concepts. One such resource is YouTube. This channel offers 28 videos on a variety of elementary math topics with funny and clever animal characters. Parents and educators can use these to help their kids develop a love of math and build their confidence in solving problems. Parents can even get paid to help their kids learn math. In addition to online resources, parents can also seek the help of a professional math tutor.

  2. In kindergarten, kids are introduced to addition and subtraction. They’re asked to estimate how much of a group remains after subtracting some objects. Subtraction word problems usually require 10 or less to be solved. To reinforce the concept, math games can be played. The following are some examples of Criteria Based Assessment aimed at helping them learn addition and subtraction. The Storytelling Math series introduces concepts through realistic situations, featuring beautiful illustrations and repetition. These books also offer extension ideas that can help kids apply what they’ve learned to real life situations.

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