Out of the spaceships came….???

So the first group of children arrived at DOKK1 at the children´s lab there. The first task was to find out who was onboard the space ships. They were drawing and they were using materials that were light and easy to handle. These small characters are supposed to be placed on top of ozobots. The bottom of the characters are actually small plastic cups turned upside down so they fit neatly upon a ozobot.

I know you haven´t seen one of them ozobots yet, but just wait for the next blogpost.

They also had to find out what was on the planets, they were going to arrive at. Well, here are just two examples of what one might expect to encounter. A swing and a smaller planet on a stick from where you could see other worlds…

One thing occured to me when I saw the children in action. the relation between the drawings and the characters were a mix of copying and changing.  just look at the photo in the middle. Some were quite different and made on spot like the one with the big red smile.

The small planet and the swing on the right seem to open up for at lot of very  different possibilities for what might happen next. The children were not asked to construct these specific elements. They made them in a pedagogical framework, where they were told to find out what was going to be and this is what some of them came up with. I saw it with my camera and now they are important ideas.  I still dont know if they are going to be used on the very planets, if they are going to change or what narratives they are going to be part of.







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