Please consult the individual lesson pages for curriculum.

Because this is an open online course, our course website is open for all interested parties, enrolled or not. This means that we can’t upload copyrighted material to the page, and thus ask you to find your own way to the required reading material. If your are a university student, most if not all of the texts should be available through your university library, so we don’t expect any problems there. If not, look around the web and see what you can find. In some cases, the given text is published in many different places, and you should be able to find at least one edition somewhere.

Most of the texts are either public domain and thus freely accessible or located on one or more of the major databases for academic journals (e.g., Jstor or similar) and thus accessible through most university libraries. We hope that you will be able to access at least most of the texts. If it is feasible for you, the remaining option of buying the books in question is also available, of course.