Mushishi – an anime to challenge the human unity

Mushishi ( ) is a japanese anime series. The mushi are a form of life that is neither plants nor animals. Mushi-shi, humans that are able to see Mushi and learned to deal with the effects they sometimes have on humans (such as sickness, mutations, or even in disappearing), travel the country, such as Ginko – main character. The series differs from typical sci-fi stories. But in regards to the topic I see its strength in broaching the issue of ambiguity we confront with encountering the nonhuman other, and the ways this encounter changes us as humans as well. The challenge to human unity here lies in understanding, that in moving beyond the believe in human exceptionalism, we are confronted with a difference that we might as well find in ourselves.

I should add that I could not find the reading materials in the folder.

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Johannes Poulsen
Johannes Poulsen

Hi Desiree,

the reading materials aren’t in the folder since we don’t have the rights to post them there, but there are links available for where you can access them in the Lesson 4 description.

I am going to watch the first episode of Mushishi, and I hope I can find the time to come back here and comment on it. It sounds very relevant to our discussion on human unity. In your opinion, how does it differ from typical sci-fi stories?