The potentia of spastic performativity – Othering the norm


Photo: Jens Juul. Photo featuring: Cath Borch Jensen and Tora Balslev.

In Daily Fictions’ dance performance SPLASTIC the dancers confront the concept of normality through body and movement. Gently they tear it apart, so everyone present must question what they until this point, physically took for granted. In SPLASTIC two women seek authenticity with each other as inspiration. One of the dancers is spastic. The other one feels captured in a physical normality, fast, determined and erect. Together they search for another movement, a new normal, a physicality where they can feel at home. Spasticity becomes their tool and condition.



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Frederik Thielke Mølgaard

Hi Charlotte
I find your example very lively and important to our discourse on normality. One could discern that the aim of the performance is to find a common ground on normality between the two performers. It uncovers how the condition of being normal can be altered through an intended engagement towards redefining or transforming the conception of normality by breaking archetypical ‘non-normal’ mannerisms such as that of the spastic, which in this case, in some sense, defines a condition of a new normality between the two; a similitude in movement and behaviour.