In Contact: A meeting of bodies


In ‘In Contact’, a war-ballet, the superhuman ballet body and the war torn body of the soldier meets on stage. As the ballet dancers wear prosthetics to enhance their bodies, the amputated soldiers are left without.
The combination of the bodies thematises our conception of the human body, and the values that are linked to these representations.

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Jelica Veljovic

Dear Kasper, thank you for providing us with this example, that I believe is precious! First of all, it shows the difference between the enhancement and therapy, how huge the gap is, but also how it helps us to overcome our fragile human condition… It also revelas the possibilities of future social divisions. Nicely done!

Desiree Förster

I really like that it is about marked (as enhanced/nromal or rather imperfect) bodies in movement instead of displaying a stilllife of enhancement/normality. Bodies always are in contact with other bodies, with their environment and not isolated – which points towards the question how much enhancement or normality have to be performed and proven over and over again in contact and relation with others.