“Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.” is Instagram’s own description of the app.
Though, in popular culture it isn’t just about sharing life with your friends. Instagram has become a medium to show enhanced parts of your life, seem interesting, fun and rich on (awesome and special) experiences.


My main question of concern is; when Instagram is used to show an enhanced version of your life, does it not put a pressure on you that makes your real life, the normal, just the opposite? I’m afraid that faked enhancement neglects the normal, and I hope that this will turn around …


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Eva Krarup
Eva Krarup

Interesting question, do you know this study: It links the use of social media to a heightened risk of depression, among other things due to the “highly idealized representations of peers on social media” that might leave people with “the distorted belief that others lead happier, more successful lives”. I guess that is one way “false enhancements” might have a negative influence on people’s lives?

Anna Rowntree
Hi, i think this is a very interesting example of virtual enhancement- thanks. im wondering how fakethose enhancements are though, or rather are they any more fakethen other enhancements such as prescription drug taking? instagram and facebook are faces, identities that we put into the world, they are about appearance and often about our ability to fit in/excell at culturally given measures of success. is that any different from how performance enhancing drugs are used or make up? i really appreciate how you point to the normal as something worth valuing and potentially at risk in an enhancement culture. what… Read more »