Enhancement as becoming-other: The Jacobson’s Fabulous Olfactometer


Enhancenment here is an adaptation to human induced climate changes (like air pollution) with help of nonhuman instinctive behavior, such as flehmen, made possible through technologic protheses. Human enhancement here moves away from the sheer anthropocentric view towards the embodiment of nonhuman patterns.

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Eva Krarup
Eva Krarup

Interesting take on the assignment about normality/enhancement, Desiree, here enhancement is rather a necessary tool to survive than a mere perfection of already existing features. Do you think challenges like climate changes will force us to renegotiate the way we normally understand enhancement (from something that should lead to perfection to something more practical and indispensable)?

Claudia Bubke

It is also interesting how your example reflects on a sort of human imperfection that was self-induced – as is the resulting need for therapy or return to what used to be the norm in order to survive. In this case air pollution caused by human influence renders humans themselves unfit for survival without enhancements. It also shows the use of technological devices rather than natural evolution in order to avert the potential decline of humanity.

Katrine Winther Kristensen

Hi Desiree! Thank you for your interesting notion. Your titel “Enhancement as becoming-other:” especially caught my eye. Enhancement used as an therapy surviving tool in a way of becoming-other, points at our one human inadequacy. But maybe this realization is a huge force because it makes us open for the world around us? Do you think, that there in this movement of adapting behavior is an acceptance of the nonhuman?