A rebellion against the enhanced human

In popular culture and on social media there is a growing tendency to focus on the imperfect. This is in opposition to a contemporary, commerciel, idealizing culture, where we are inundated with images edited to perfection resulting in a narrow normality.
Especially a TV-series such as Girls, where this still picture is taken from, exposes the crooked, the queer and the sad. The series portrays a realistic, photoshop free depiction of human life. This shows a resistance against digitally manipulated images that perpetuate impossible standards. Instead of contributing to these standards, a series like Girls deflates them. The viewed ideal isn’t enhanced but rather authentic with imperfection as a essential part of being human. The normal apears indvidual and not in it’s idealized, enhanced and manipulated form. The normal imperfect body works as the aesthetic ideal which opens for a wider debate about how beauty and normality should be viewed.anigif_enhanced-buzz-1798-1362439161-11_preview

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Eva Krarup
Eva Krarup
Good example, Katrine, the depiction of the imperfect does seem to be a growing tendency in series. I also came to think of the Norwegian series Skam when I read your post. The number of viewers of series like these seems to suggest that people really do request wider definitions of normality in depictions of everyday life. I guess a critic of capitalism would say that the images of perfection presented to us by the commercial culture that you mention are only a way to make people strive more, buy more, try harder and keep enhancing themselves in order to… Read more »