What was in the TEACH ONE unit?

In this unit you have used your knowledge from from the SEE ONE unit and your experience from the DO ONE unit to write a teacher blog post in the TEACH ONE unit.

In this unit you have gotten experience on:

  • Blog post characteristics and examples. This element of the unit described central characteristics of blogposts as well as some good examples of how academic blogging and writing to teach blogpost.
  • Writing to teach - the purpose of teacher blogs. This element of the unit gave some reasons for why teachers should blog and what they might gain from blogging about their practice and teaching experiments.
  • The different elements of the blogpost and the Play&Learn Digimedia blog. This element of the unit took you through the right columns of the Scripting Template, presented how to do the TEACH ONE blogpost and took you through the blog platform.
  • Writing a blogpost and putting it on the Play&Learn Digimedia blog. You got experience with writing teacher blogs and in this way sharing your practice, experience and insights with the teacher community.

Where do we go next?

In the next unit you will get to read other teachers’ blogposts communicating their own experiments with playful video playground. The aim of the REMIX ONE unit is to get inspired from others practice as you inspired others practice through the writing of your TEACH ONE blogpost. After finishing the REMIX ONE unit you will hopefully have some ideas for and made some choices around potential future playful experiments with videos.