Assignment & Activities

DO ONE: Assignment & Activities

Now you are ready to move to ADDIE development phase and be able to start creating the content. At this point you may have the necessary text and ideas - maybe even images and graphics. Now it is time to start. In order to create interactive content you are free to use the tools introduced earlier - H5P or LearningApps or even both but you are also welcome to use tools which you have used earlier or have seen somewhere. Do not forget to reflect on the process as this is part of your learning and later gives you an overview what you have done and what was done well and where you could improve (look Bring your plan life part in the bottom of this page).





Introduction to H5P and LearningApps interactive content creation tools

Reading documentation

You will know what is H5P and LearningApps are and how they differ.

You will know what can be done with H5P and LearningApps.

You will know how to embed content to a website.


Introduction to planning and preparing content type according to the purpose of the exercise

Creating accounts

You will know why planning and preparing can help to produce better content.

You will know how to analyze what content type suites best for the exercise.


Creating playful interactive material

Creating and testing out palyful interactive material

You will know how to use a selected tool to create interactive content.

You will know how to assess your interactive content.


Interactive assesment can be used to help learner communicate with the material and through that facilitate deep learning. It is useful to add small tests in between large topics to help cut the material in smaller pieces which are easier to remember. Also this helps to expand the attention to the overall material.

The usual self-test made with computer are matching and multiple choice questions. Here is a list of rules to follow when creating these types of self-tests or quizzes. When generating interactive material and self-tests then do not forget the feedback. Feedback comes a long way in making the learner feel safe and it helps to clear out some misunderstanding when the may happen.

Matching question

  1. Make sure it evaluate the real performance
  2. Include clear directions for what the learner needs to do
  3. Keep the items homogeneous
  4. Make all the matches plausible
  5. Offer more responses than premises
  6. Keep responses shorter than premises
  7. Use logical order


Multiple choice question

  1. Make sure the question evaluate the real performance.
  2. Present a clear problem
  3. Use plausible choices
  4. Avoid negatives in questions
  5. Avoid ‘none’ or ‘all’ in questions
  6. Avoid clues


If you have planned well and prepared all the information needed then there is not much you need to worry about. It is time to put the information into the content type and create it. Still be ready for adjustments - there is never a final product which has not gone through many iterations :). And as this course is about playful learning then remember there are now certain set of rules to follow - we want to see what you can make by experimenting with the tools and information provided.

Under this section you will find a fillable PDF which you can use to reflect your work and save the progress to your computer. This can be like a small notebook for your ideas which you can fill in and look at when needed.



During the process you will encounter that the chosen content type is not actually what you want. It is time to be playful! To test if the content type works, you have the possibility to pilot your exercise on learners first and collect their feedback. This is the Evaluation phase/step of ADDIE model. You can never go wrong what you create and you always have the option to choose another type. Drafts are your friends and different versions also. Reflect the process and learn from your experiments -  they are not mistakes but just part of the process in active development.

For example you start your reflection that you began with implementing one exercise as matching pairs and you later found out that in the end this content type is not what you expected and does not help the learner achieve the objectives clearly. Then you took the same information and presented it as fill in the gaps content type which at the beginning did not seem to be the right choice but in the end gave better learning results. Finally after experimenting with more content types you found the one which suited you best which turned out to be select the words.


Describe the process of creating an interactive content. Show it to your learners and ask them to test it and give feedback. Feedback is important as it contains information of what could be improved. This part of 'Do one' unit is advised to be the most documented and reflected part as this is the actual development of the activity.

When you have finished with creating your own playful interactive material then do not forget ADDIE model part Implementation and later after getting feedback the part Evaluation. All the extra information you receive helps to make the content better if needed and that starts the ADDIE model again as it is actually a cycle.