Most academic blog types and teacher blogs share some general characteristics. These are good to have in mind before you start blogging and transform your playful experiment into a writing to teach blogpost.

Blog post characteristics

Academic blogging and writing to teach blogposts

Before going into the module’s specific assignment of writing up the Teach One blogpost it might be helpful to have some concrete examples of academic blogging and writing to teach blogposts. Below you find three very different examples that all think and talk about teaching through blogging:


  • Hybrid Pedagogy: a blogpost journal where teachers, developers and researchers within education write blog articles around particular subjects pertaining to hybrid pedagogy.
  • Teaching Matters: is the University of Edinburgh’s new website and blog for presenting and reflecting on learning and teaching, for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for presenting concrete examples of best practice for teaching.
  • Digital Media and Learning Research Hub: is a collaborative blog, that investigate the ways in which digital technology is changing learning environments, social and civic institutions, and youth culture.


Writing a blogpost that inspires, contains a message, is connected and vibrant, and aimed at teachers as readers, of course takes practice. But what better place to experiment with this than on the Play&Learn Digimedia platform?