What was in the Do One unit?

In this unit you have used your knowledge from from the See One unit to think about the more practical, technological and pedagogical dimensions of setting up and carrying out teaching or learning activities in the form of playful online dialogues.

In this unit you have gotten insight into and experience with:

  • Tools and technologies for setting up and carrying out playful online dialogues.
  • Checklists and templates for preparing, scripting and implementing playful online dialogues as meaningful and valuable teaching and learning experiences
  • Concrete practice and hands-on experience with planning, carrying out, evaluating and documenting playful online dialogues own your own teaching practice.

Where do we go next?


Through creating your Scripting Template for a playful online dialogue and trying it out in a real learning or teaching situation you have completed the Do One unit.

In the next unit - the Teach One unit - you will pass everything you have learned on to others before drawing inspiration from and remixing the work of others to further your own practice of online teaching through dialogue. The aim of the Teach One unit is to share all you have learned through writing a Teach One blogpost. You will get experience with writing teacher blogs and in that way be able to share your practice, experience and insights with the teacher community. Concretely, you will get to write a teacher blogpost to put on the Play&Learn DigiMedia Platform