SEE ONE –  Knowledge about educational assessment (WHAT) Conceptions about educational assessment

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment types and assessment methods.

Overview of online assessment

Read texts

Analyse videos and images.

Write a reflection

Identify conceptions about educational assessment

Distinguish assessment and evaluation

Distinguish assessment types

Characterize usages of online assessment

SEE ONE – Benefits of using online assessment (WHY) Pedagogical strengths and benefits of assessment

Feedback and assessment

Benefits of online assessment

Self-tests, reflecting questions Describe the importance of assessment for teachers, students, and parents

Characterize the role of feedback

Identify the benefits of online assessment

SEE ONE – Pedagogy for online assessment (HOW) Assessment in the teaching and learning processes Read texts Assessment in the teaching and learning processes
Principles of designing and implementing assessment Analyse videos and images.
Playful assessment elements Exercises


Learning journal exercise

Think about the following questions and make a learning journal entry.

  • What are the most interesting aspects on using online educational assessment in teaching in your opinion?
  • What are the biggest challenges for you to start using online assessment in your teaching?
  • What kind of online assessment would you like to create in Do one unit?

Introduction to the 'Do one' unit

You've now finished the "See One" unit of "Playful Online Assessment". The next coming unit is the "Do One" unit. In this unit you will have to apply the knowledge you gained in the "See One" unit, and use this to create an online assessment activity

In the 'Do one' unit you will:

  • gain experience through analyzing examples of online assessment.
  • get practical instructions how to use tools (H5P, LearningApps) for creating online assessment.