Preparation & Scripting

DO ONE: Preparation & Scripting


  • Planning and preparing online assessment
  • Pedagogical issues
  • Technological issues
  • Reading documents
  • Visualizing videos
  • Starting to plan an activity
  • You will identify key pedagogical aspects to plan online assessment.
  • You will identify key technological aspects to use tools for online assessment.


Planning & preparing online assessment

Which are your first ideas for doing a PLD activity in your own teaching?

To start preparing  an activity involving online assessment, some key issues must be taken in consideration, namely pedagogical and content issues or aspects more related with technological issues. Following some tips are presented.

Pedagogical issues

To start prepare an online assessment activity, some pedagogical issues must be considered. First general steps of educational planning shall be followed. With the aim of preparing a playful online assessment activity, formative assessment and playful pedagogy must also be brought together.

Align assessment with learning outcomes and teaching and learning activities

Exercise about how to align learning outcomes and assessment strategies

Technical issues
Choosing an online assessment tool & creating accounts

In order to start and test out different online assessment tools you need to have an account to the tool platform. You will have to choose if you want to use Goolge form, Kahoot, H5P or them both. In order to create an account on one of the sites then follow the next instructions.


Planning a quiz with GOOGLE FORMS




Surveys with KAHOOT

Step 1: Set up a new Kahoot

  • Go to
  • Click on Create free account on top right of the page
  • Fill out the form and click on Create new account

Step 2: Edit and format a quiz, a survey

You can add, edit, or format text, images, or videos in a form.







Interactive and different questions type with H5P

Go to H5P homepage at

  1. Click on Create free account on top right of the page
  2. Fill out the form and click on Create new account
  3. After successful account creation log in and start planning your assessment type!

Assessment + Online + Playful

Cases & Examples

The MIT Education Arcade, in collaboration with the Teaching Systems Lab, is exploring how to create and implement assessment that are playful and authentic.

In this scope some principles are established, as:

  • “ A well-designed assessment should be seen as a tool to help students learn and progress, rather than as a threat or ultimatum”.
  • “(…) formative assessments that are woven throughout learning experiences rather than interrupting the flow of an activity.
  • They should be authentic in that the interactions feel relevant and students know why they are using them”.


Check list

  • To plan educational assessment, take in account general principles of teaching and learning design
  • Questions that you start to explore. What are goals or desirable outcomes for the learners/participants experience and interaction
  • What is your audience & what subject/course is the PLD activity designed for? Which content? Which tools?
  • Do not forget to bring formative and playful dimensions
  • Manage technical issues, creating accounts.