Playful video tutorials for university teachers (part 1)

What did I do?

This is a description of an playful video tutorial that I carried out in Do One phase. I did this part partly together with my colleague (who is also taking this course). We are involved with in-house training for teachers in Educational Sciences and decided to collaborate while learning because we are finally teaching together on this training day for teachers.

How did you do it?

So here’s the general idea of the collaboration.

We ended up using the programme Screencast o matic as it provides us with the necessary recording and editing tools for our purpose. My colleague also had it installed on her computer ready to use. Then we planned the learning outcomes, content and assignments according to the target group. (see the blogpost of Starduck 1.)

After Starduck 1 had shared the videos on Onedrive I took Part 1 of Teams tutorial video for further procession. Because the recorded material still included names and other confidential information even though it was blurred or overlayed in other ways; I made an example of an youtube video and made an interactive video with H5P interactive video tool.

  • I embedded the youtube video as a link to H5P (Picture 1).
  • I added interactive tasks along the video (Picture 2).
  • I shared the link to the teachers on Teams.

Picture 1.

Picture 2.

How did it go?

My evaluation and reflection on the playful video task is focusing on H5P as a tool in making interactive tasks.  I must say that H5P is the tool I have been waiting for. As a teacher dealing with many different kinds of forums I have sometimes lack of time to get familiar with interactive tools for special usage. Therefore I think that it’s good if you can collaborate with a colleague and share knowledge and resources. I was able to use and learn a lot about Screencast while making a video. But I manage alone in a very short time fixing an interactive video with H5P. There is no hassle with log in e.g. and you can easily share the ready made activity to your students.


What is my best advice?

  • Start with a ready made video. Youtube is a good resource for that purpose.
  • You can learn from mistakes.
  • Be careful with names and other confidential information on your own video. It takes a lot of time blurring and overlay those afterwards.
  • Make your videos shorter than 6 minutes.


Kirsi Wallinheimo

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