To explain how everything works or how to use gifs in educational materials


This publication reflects my experience of using game simulations and their contribution to learning. In ordinary mathematics (not applied), Live and Virtual Simulation are not used. It remains possible to use constructive modeling. Creating a complete, high-quality version of the simulator is very time-consuming work, here I’m more of a consumer (if there is one). If we talk about the experience of educational use of simulations, then I create animations in the popular .gif graphic image format. The performance is comparable to a video presentation, but significantly exceeds its functionality. The video is long, it can load for a long time, you do not want to turn it on, but the gif is short and displays the most important thing, you unwittingly watch it to the end and analyze it.

.gif can perform the following functions:

  • help to reveal the essence of the text material;
  • clearly demonstrate step-by-step processes;
  • provide communication with students;
  • stimulate the absorption of the material.


40% of people perceive pictures better than text.


When can animation improve learning outcomes? Should it be more open, understandable, playful?

1) When you need to show a lot of data, the animated infographics in the form of a .gif fail looks more compact and neater than a regular image.

2) Animation can be used for processes involving step-by-step operations. Animated instruction replaces long text and a dozen screenshots. In addition, the presence of such materials gives more pleasure when learning and reduces the monotony of learning.

Such animations are independent visual elements of learning. They can be not explained in detail, but ask students to study on their own and then answer some questions. This helps students to more thoroughly understand the material being studied. And for the teacher – comments on their answers.

It is convenient to work with files with the .gif extension on any platform. The principle of placement is the same as adding ordinary images.

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