Playful Interactive Materials with H5P Course Presentation

What? H5P Course presentations

Why? Because it allows to create engaging Interactive materials on WordPress, Moodle or Drupal. I have an experience to use it in Moolde and Drupal and it was interestring to me to do something on WordPress.

How? In general there are two main possibilities for Interactive Teaching matrials: Course Presentation and Column. The first one has a left-right navigation, the ohter has an up-down navigation. On my opinion the last is more functional because this content type can be  combined with almost all of the existing H5P content types. The Course Presentation consists of slides with multimedia, text, and some different types of interactions like interactive summaries, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, drag and drop questions and interactive videos. Course Presentations may  be used in many different ways, including as a presentation tool for use in the classroom, or as a game where the usual navigation is replaced with navigation buttons on top of the slides to let the user make choices and see the consequences of their choices. In addition all activities can be represent as a ful text or as a navigation buttons.

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  1. Your course presentation made with H5P was looks very clear. Students might already be tired with never ending powerpoint slideshows and presenting something this way is certainly audience friendlier. I like the feature i H5P where you can put in interactive questions in the slideshow. That will keep the students awake!

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