Playful video tutorials for university teachers (part 2)

Because  we recently started using Teams for communication and file-sharing during our students’ teacher training. But there are always more pressing matters to deal with during staff meetings so there was no time to introduce Teams. This Play & Learn Digimedia course encouraged my colleague (who is also taking this course) and myself me to instead make two short video tutorials on the basics of Teams.

A video tutorial on some basic functions in Teams.

For teachers in Educational Sciences.


  • We used the programme Screencast o matic as it provides us with the necessary recording and editing tools for our purpose.
  • We then planned the learning outcomes, content and assignments according to the target group.
  • I did a test recording to check the technical equipment. Besides a laptop the only extra equipoment we needed was a high-quality microphone.
  • In a quiet room with good enough lightning conditions we did the recording.
  • Once we had to stop the recording and cut some unnecessary talk, apart from that the recording was quick and smooth.
  • I then did a power point presentation with an introduction to the video. I also recorded, this with Screencast-o-matic, and inserted it at the very beginning of the first recording.
  • Names and other confidential information was blurred or overlayed in other ways.
  • I then shared the video on Onedrive.

Technical pros and cons

  • Screencast-o-matic is easy to use (you simply record everything shown on your screen), even for someone without much previous knowledge of recording or editing videos.
  • Some editing functions are time-consuming, at least for me a as fairly novice user of the program.
  • After the recording we realizes the table the computer had been on was a little wobbly, which at times also affected the video. So be sure to also check things like that.

Although some editing task were time-consuming, it was a useful and fun learning process. It inspired me to learn more about doing videoclips for teaching. I will definitely use Screencast-o-matic or similar programs again.

Pedagogical and playful benefits
We are encouraged to include digital learning material for university students. In addition to producing videoclips, it’s beneficial to also be on the receiving end, i.e. in the role of students. This helps us produce user friendly videos as well as realize the challenge of finding time to watch them. I therefore hope this videoclip in a playful and easy way encourage both my colleagues and myself to produce more videos for our teaching.

Below are three blurry screen shots. In order to protect usernames and email-addresses the video is not embedded here.





  1. Thanks for sharing so many tips! I agree that intensive and time-consuming editing is not always necessary for educational screencasts. I also believe that students should be given the task to make short videos (with their smartphones for instance). This can stimulate their learning experiences.

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