About the playful university

About the Playful University Platform

PUP is organised around projects and events - with new elements and ideas being added along the way.

What is it all about?

  • PUP is dedicated to make higher education and the university more playful. Both in relation to learning, teaching, research and everything else that goes on in higher education institutions. 


What will you find here?

  • On the Playful University Platform you will find both knowledge on and inspiration for what we call playful academia. PUP is aimed at inviting for more playful heads, hands and hearts in higher education and at the university. And the platform contains multiple forms and formats for engaging with us and in the field of playful academia.

When did it all start?

  • The Playful University Platform was launched on the backdrop of the first Playful University Conference in 2019 but is today much more than a conference site. The conference and its speakers started this journey into the playful university, playful higher education and playful academia. The platform continues this journey by engaging and connecting playful voices in teaching, learning and research. One could say that the PUP is an open agora for a choir of playful voices singing together but each in their own voice.

But what is already on PUP?

When clicking the ‘PLAYFUL VOICES tab you will find blogpost-interviews of different prominent voices within the academic play community. They voice what playfulness is, how we can think about it and what playfulness can contribute with in higher education and for the university. You will also find some examples of the playful academics’ research to inspire you and further and deepen your thinking. Finally, all the interviews ends with a question from the playful academic to the play community - so if you feel you have something to say on the matter feel free to add your voice to the choir and comment on the blog.

When clicking the CONFERENCE tab you will find the speakers, the slides, their presentations, selected research work, as well as photos from the first Playful University Conference at Aarhus University, Denmark in 2019. Feel free to watch the videos, browse the slides, read their research - and there is also contact info if you would like to find them, get in touch or share your view on their work or playful academia.

When clicking the NEWS tab will take you to the latest news from PUP. Here, you can read about upcoming events, call for papers, what is happening at the platform or in the playful academic community. If you want to be sure to not miss out on all the academic playfulness you can sign up to the PUP newsletter by clicking the SIGN UP tab.

PUP is still a puppy but is growing every day and lots of new things will be added along the way. Right now we are playing with the idea of an online webinar series with some of the awesome and playful voices in the academic play community. 

So sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned for what comes next!

We are also always interested in new inputs and playful ideas so do not hesitate to contact us here or on twitter


All the best from the playful PUPs


Josephine & Rikke