Thursday the 22th of October 2020

This just in, the program for the Webinar series Playful Intercultural Dialogues has finally landed! The webinars are free and open to all. Read the full program here:

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Thursday the 28th of May 2020

Videos of the presentations from the Playful University Conference

Videos of the presentations from the words first Playful University conference is now available on the Playful University Platform! You can go watch them right HERE 

Wednesday the 16th of October 2019

Call For Papers - The Playful Academic


Following the Playful University Conference in Aarhus, August 2019, we have been invited to be guest editors of a special issue of the 'Journal of Play in Adulthood' with a specific focus in relation to the playful university: 

'The Playful Academic: Playful attitudes, approaches and activities in learning, teaching and research'.

We are looking for playful journal articles around the focus of the special issue and its three themes – and am inviting 250 words abstracts in the first instance. Please do consider submitting a proposal for The Playful Academic. Full details, and a timeline, are in the attached call for papers, but please do contact us if you would like further information. We look forward to reading your abstracts for this exciting and timely special edition.


Find the Journal and Call for Paper here

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