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The Playful University Team


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Rikke Toft Nørgård

Creative Director

Rikke Toft Nørgård is Associate Professor in Educational Design & Technology at Aarhus University. She is a Steering Group Member of Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) at Aarhus University where the Playful University Project is placed. Nørgård organised and hosted the Playful University Conference at Aarhus University in 2019. She holds a PhD in gamedesign and gameplay experiences, is the leader of the international Summer University course on Game.Play.Design and leading an AUFF NOVA project on the potentials of academic game jams for higher education. Her research and development projects focuses on developing new formats and approaches to teaching and learning and the potentials and possibilities of new digital and technological fields within the Arts & Humanities. Nørgård is also Board Member of Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES) and leads the Playful University Platform together with Josephine Eghave Midttun Solheim.

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Josephine Eghave Midttun Solheim

Chief digital officer

Josephine Eghave Midttun Solheim is a MA in ICT-based educational design from  Aarhus University. She has been a part of the Playful University project since august 2019, where she participated at the Playful University Conference. She is the chief digital officer and the designer behind the Playful University Platform and the developer of the Playful voices of Academia blog posts on the platform. Josephine wrote her master thesis on how ICT-based educational designs can be used to help disseminate research in new ways to integrate it better within the practise of higher education. She is also one of the editors of the special issue “Playful Academia” in the Journal of Play in Adulthood.


Kimie Jay Bukholt

Chief Innovation Officer

Kimie Jay Bukholt is a MA in ICT-based educational design from Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media at Aarhus University. She is Chief Innovation Officer of the Playful University Platform project, and has been a part of the Playful University Platform since 2021. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education in the subjects of Science, Math and History.