Introduction to the Playful Voices of Academia

Welcome to the Playful Voices of Academia

Your academic journey into playfulness and that of being playful in higher education is about to begin! ‘The Playful Voices of Academia’ is a project created as a part of the Playful University Platform. This project is created to introduce you to the research done within the field of  what we on this platform define as 'Playful Academia'. This is done through the experts who are doing the research themselves. Playful academia covers all the aspects within learning, teaching, research and everything else that goes on in higher education institutions in connection to playfulness and that of being playful in higher education.

You are more than welcome to click around in this online part of the project in the way you find most useful. But if you are up for it we recommend that you to start your journey right here with us - by clicking the "let’s play" button right here under.

We hope you enjoy your knowledge journey and remember that we are always interested in hearing from new playful voices, so do not hesitate to contact us here or on Twitter!


What is 'the Playful Voices of Academia'?

'The Playful Voices of Academia' is a series of academic blog interviews whit expert researchers working within Playful Academia. 


What constitutes an academic blog interview?

The interviews have been created as what we call academic blog interviews. All the interviewees are researchers in academia, the interviews are only published in the forms of blog posts and the interviews are written in a length and illustrated with pictures  suitable for this format.

We refer to the experts that has been interviewed for this project as “the playful voices of academia” and therefore the interviews are created to disseminate their voices and thoughts on their research within playful academia.


What can the academic blog interviews contribute with?

The academic blog interviews are your way to find the topics within playful academia that you want to read more about. In the academic blog interviews you can hear the voices of the researchers and through these blog posts you can read more about their research

How to find what you are looking for?

Right now there are 10 academic blog interviews on the blog. That is a lot to go through if you are looking for something special! Therefore we have created an overview where you can navigate through the blog posts, not by reading each and single one of them, but simply by searching through the concepts of these since there is no right or wrong way to read the blog post. No blog post have to be read in a specific order. You just read the ones you find interesting.

You will find three categories in the overview covering different areas of playful academia. This categories are as follow

The Body (settings/setups/frams etc.)
The Hands (how to/tools etc.)
The Mindset (philosophy etc.)