Goal and contents of this website

This website documents the Ph.D. course "Open Your Research to Collaborative Futures" held in January-February 2022 as part of the EU-funded Opening Doors project.

We have organised materials from the course under three main themes:

  • Team Science
  • Open Science
  • Research Communication and Career Planning

to offer inspiration for students and study administrators who consider taking or offering challenge-based courses for interdisciplinary teams, with involvement of stakeholders outside the academia.

The course material (video, slides, recording of lectures and presentations) is complemented by a choice of reflections written by participants as blog-post assignments within the course.

We have not included in the website video recording and transcripts of plenum discussions, since they were the outcome of work in small groups and would now be difficult to understand outside of the original context. By the same token, we have not included the participants’ posts on their individual career planning.

Video and transcripts of plenum discussions are available upon request, for research purposes, as well as feedback from stakeholders.

The program of the course and the materials that were available to participants at the beginning of the course are accessible under the Course and Resources menus.


About the course